Yorktown is again entering the election cycle with letters of criticism about the existing leadership rather than what other candidates will and can do differently.

One letter stated that Mr. Slater cares about Yorktown. I can assure you that Supervisor Gilbert and Councilmembers Roker, Diana, Lachterman and Patel all care about Yorktown. The hours that they put in go well beyond what should be expected of them. Further, those people who are regularly present at Town Board and Planning Board meetings also care about Yorktown. And while some issues at board meetings can be contentious, the vast majority of the people speaking at public hearings and courtesies of the floor care about Yorktown. What should be of greater concern is those people who desire to run for office who have just recently begun to make appearances at board meetings or who would rather do a photo op than appear regularly at board meetings.

One letter stated that Mr. Slater was successful when employed by the county, the Assembly and by the Senate. That letter also stated that Mr. Slater also passed legislation. From what I understand, Mr. Slater was a good employee; however—being an employee and not an elected official—he did not pass any legislation! Another letter cited Mr. Slater’s academic credentials as reason for his election. Supervisor Gilbert’s academic credentials far exceed those of Mr. Slater and, further, Supervisor Gilbert’s professional life working in the judiciary, in the public eye, far exceed those whose experience is in back office operations.

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No candidate should state that they will increase town services that will require funding without further stating where that funding would come from. If the suggestion is to lower the taxes of a select group of citizens, then they should explain what other services would be cut or whose taxes will be raised in order to pay for the new services.

Finally, there appears to be a role reversal. In the past, in Yorktown, Democrats wanted to increase taxes and spending while Republicans wanted a steady hand on the fiscal tiller; now it appears that the Republicans want to spend and tax while the Democrats have a steady hand on the fiscal tiller.