I am bringing for your consideration, interviews with all the candidates running on our local ballot this November. The interview below is the third of four interviews with Town Board candidates. This interview is with Sheralyn Pulver-Goodman.

Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where did you grow up?

I was born in the Bronx and spent the first three years of my life a block and a half away from my grandparents on Bainbridge Avenue, which was great. When I was 3, we moved to Queens.

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How did you end up in Yorktown?

When I was newly married, my husband and I first lived in Croton, but we found ourselves coming to Yorktown a lot to shop, to eat. Yorktown was attractive, so when it was time for us to buy a bigger house, Yorktown was a natural choice for us. We’ve been here 25 years and raised our kids here.

During your quarter-century in our town, have you been involved in any organizations?

I’ve been involved in the Thomas Jefferson PTA when my children were young. I was involved in the cultural enrichment program in the schools. I helped with the Copper Beech Drama Club and Lakeland’s Wig and Whiskers.

I know you are an attorney. Can you tell us a little about that?

I have a diverse background, to say the least. I’ve been with the Legal Aid Society, the District Attorney’s Office and now the Department of Probation of Westchester County. I worked to build a court program to address drug addiction. I am most proud of my efforts to help addicts find full recovery and rebuild their lives. I’ve served on the Board of Directors of the Youth Shelter of Westchester. My life is about public service and my run for the Town Board is a natural next step for me.

Why are you running?

This was the right moment for me. I think I possess some skills that might be a benefit to the town.

Like what?

I think my training as an attorney has helped me develop very important skills. I can readily define issues and then search for evidence to support a reasoned decision. That type of approach will greatly benefit our town.

A rational approach to issues?

Yes. I am a problem solver, as an attorney, as a parent, and now as an employee of the Department of Probation. Today, I have a deeper understanding of how government works, and sometimes how it does not work.

Focusing now on Yorktown: What do you see as the three major issues in the fall election?

The first major issue is who has a plan that will sustain, grow and enrich our town for the long term? Supervisor Gilbert’s brilliant idea to put together the Economic and Business Revitalization Committee is the way to go. This committee is a diverse group of knowledgeable people from our town who have come up with a game plan that we can develop. It’s not about spending a lot of money but rather it’s about making the most of the wonderful things our town already has to offer that are currently underutilized and unrecognized, not only by our town’s people, but also by people who live outside of our town.

OK, but that’s the supervisor’s race. What about your race?

I think that’s my race as well. Electing me and Patricia Sullivan-Rothberg will help the supervisor achieve the goal of making these plans a reality. It’s necessary that we move away from the suburban sprawl approach to the sane “Progress Through Preservation” that is Yorktown’s motto.

Can you cite two other important issues?

Transparency and decency are critical in government, especially at this moment. We need to focus on town issues and not use the Town Board as a bully pulpit to try to raise issues that essentially are not town matters. Abortion and immigration issues are all legitimate issues but not appropriate for town government to get embroiled in.

Can you mention a third major concern?

We need to take a look at how government operates and whether we are doing everything we can to facilitate the establishment and growth of small businesses in our town.

You’ve been walking door to door now for several weeks. What has been the response?

I have been struck by the graciousness and openness of the wonderful people of our town. People have many concerns and issues, not only about our town but about the future of the planet that actually does impact some of our local issues. I have also been impressed by how knowledgeable our citizens are about our local issues. It’s been fun walking and talking to people.

If an undecided voter is reading this, why should they consider voting for you?

I would ask that you kindly consider voting for me. I bring 35 years of rational decision making, preparedness, an ability to listen, and most importantly, a knack for distilling complicated issues in a way that I hope all people can understand.

My vision is to promote and share the beauty of Yorktown and make it a place for people to come to explore. I will work to streamline processes so that small businesses can grow here. I will fight to keep taxes flat so young families can afford to move here and seniors can afford to stay.

I have spent the bulk of my adult life in Yorktown and I am emotionally invested and dedicated to its future. I will always do what is best for this town without regard to my own personal fortunes. I ask for your support.

Thank you for your time.

My pleasure.