Nov. 8, 2016: a day that may destroy America.

Yes, it may destroy America, for election officials will pull the votes their way.

Time for true Americans to wake up from their long sleep.

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Time for true Americans to relook to see how far we as a nation have fallen.

Time to see where our trust lies under these American skies.

Believers or non-believers of the U.S. Constitution, how many of you believe in God?

Without God in our lives, we, as a nation, will collapse.

Our coins state, “In God We Trust.”

Yet, U.S. politicians do not believe and are taking our freedom.

So, prayer is the path we must all take, then vote.

Or we, as a nation, will no longer exist and have no hope.

As an American, do you truly care?

Do you wish to continue to breathe freedom’s air?