Dear Editor,

It is a shame that some people running for office in Yorktown refuse to participate in a debate tradition of the town. How do you expect to "cross the aisle " in policy making when you can’t even agree to debate? The Democrats state that they would debate if the League of Women Voters ran it.  The Republicans state they have never received a debate invitation from the LoWV. The Democrats claim that the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce Debate is stacked because two of the Local Race candidates are on the YCC board. The board consists of over 15 board members where there are different political views among members like any other business organization. For the record, I was not thrilled some years ago when the YCC publicly endorsed the Republican candidates.  I no longer think this is a policy. With that said that does not mean that the YCC did not in the past and could not now run a fair debate. The LoWV does not traditionally run debates in Yorktown and yes in the future they should sponsor a debate and the YCC continue to sponsor theirs. For now, we only have one debate, the YCC, that has been the tradition for years.  When you run for Class President you most likely need to debate or speak in front of the voters in your class. That is the least we can expect from our candidates. People who want  the power to control policy and the town purse strings, need to debate and show us their competence and vision, along with handling the opposition’s views and rebuttals. We should not elect from lawn signs or mailers. Both sides participated in the YCC Street Fair to electioneer, and both parties should also participate in another YCC tradition, the YCC Debate that is scheduled for Oct 23rd at Yorktown Stage at 7pm..



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Stephen Schaefer

Yorktown Heights, NY