In his Oct. 12 letter, Kevin Murphy sounds like a paid commercial for the Republican candidates for the town board. But he isn’t satisfied with praising them; he has to also denigrate the Democratic candidates, claiming they will do nothing to help Yorktown grow.

This is pure nonsense. He has no idea how the Democratic slate will perform, because they have not been part of the town board until now. So let’s look at his claim for growth under Grace and his Republican colleagues. Yes, it’s wonderful that Lowe’s will come to our town, but does that excuse the six wasted years that Costco spent trying to occupy that same space, only to finally give up because the board did not support them? And how many vacant stores are there in our town now, compared to when Grace took office? We all know the answer. Is this what we want to have continue for the next few years? I certainly hope not. The Democratic candidates, all of whom are known to the people of Yorktown and have proven track records, will do more to promote business and actually move our town forward. They deserve our votes and our support.