Once again, Mr. Jim Martorano, in “The Abandonment of Truth and Science” (April 6), uses the faulty, illogical debating technique—the strawman. He spends paragraph after paragraph denouncing Alex Jones and then denounces Trump as though he were Alex Jones. Trump isn’t Alex Jones.

But more astonishing are his elitist views on free speech and press. Martorano’s basic assumption is the internet is the Wild West and computers and phones are dangerous to human beings who obviously can’t think for themselves. But the major networks and media are floundering. The readership for The New York Times, for example, is down. People are flocking to alternate news outlets and rightly so. Much truth can be found there.

But besides all of that, Martorano fears that “the internet has no filter.” Now, let me guess, who is going to be the filter for all of us lowly beings who can’t think for themselves? Ah, yes, Mr. Martorano!

“Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” –Thomas Jefferson