Our quality of life depends heavily on our roads. Residents, businesses and first responders all depend on them. Yorktown’s roads are in terrible shape due to a lack of planning on the part of the Republican-led town board.

For a number of years, the town board made no allowances in their budgets for paving. In the last couple of years, $250,000 per year has been allocated—a meager amount in light of the decrepit condition of the infrastructure and the number of road miles that exist here in town. Neighboring communities such as Bedford and New Castle have policies and funding which call for all roads to be paved every 13-16 years. Yorktown has been on a 37 year plan!

Now that we are in an election year, Supervisor Grace has decided to earmark $1.2 million for paving. Too little, too late, and an obvious political move. Come up with a long-term plan to fix and maintain our roads in a responsible manner.

Don’t hold our quality of life hostage to politics. Yorktown deserves better.