I am writing to support Robert Kesten as the Democratic candidate for New York State Senate District 40. Robert is an independent, progressive voice, a non-establishment candidate who is not beholden to the party elites. He is not seeking big money donations, and in my mind is running a people’s campaign. In the 2016 elections, many of the safe, establishment Democratic candidates lost their elections. The other Democratic candidate who recently joined this race, Peter Harckham, has the support of these same party elites, and is seeking funding from big money. We, as Democrats, cannot continue to repeat the mistakes of the past.

The election in Senate District 40 is really important. We need to vote out Murphy/Trump. Terrence Murphy, who had the “honor” of standing on stage with the New York delegation as Trump was nominated at the 2016 Republican National Convention, continually supports the conservative and Republican Trump agenda. He does not represent the residents of Senate District 40, nor our values. Robert Kesten is the candidate who will swing this district blue, and will bring the change that is needed to Albany.