To the editor,

Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to Melvyn Tanzman’s letter, “Free at last!” (Jan. 4, Page 9).

It seems that over past two years, all I heard from Melvyn Tanzman was constant whining. One example: “Well, the narcissistic Grace era is thankfully over in Yorktown, even while a similar malaise has gripped our nation’s capital.” To what malaise is he referring? At least Michael Grace has improved the town’s economic outlook and tax base, unlike some of the past supervisors. He has made it more business-friendly.

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Now, the next quote is quite interesting and revealing. Mr. Tanzman writes, and I quote, “The Mayo Clinic describes the signs and symptoms of narcissism as: having an exaggerated sense of self-importance; having a sense of entitlement and requiring constant, excessive admiration; believing they are superior and only able to associate with equally special people; monopolizing conversations and belittling or looking down on people they perceive as inferior.” There was more, but the rest makes no sense at all. It closes with the rhetorical question, “Sound familiar?” Yes, it does.

We have had that same person you have described as president for eight long, agonizing years. Where was Mr. Tanzman during those eight years? Did I hear complaining about the most divisive president in the past 100 years?

This next quote, I think, is quite revealing: “While not a psychiatrist or psychoanalyst, I am a social worker and one doesn’t have to be Freud to recognize these traits in Mr. Grace or his mentor, Mr. Trump.” Well, it seems that he is portraying himself as a mental health expert, is he not? Just what makes him an expert on this subject? Maybe he has played one of them on television or in the movies and, like others, now thinks he is an authority?

What I see here is a disgruntled person. Probably a “Never Trumper” and defiantly a progressive Democrat. People like him are the problem in this country. While he praises the new Yorktown administration, will he do to them what they did to the Republicans? The actions of your party were not any less hateful. Have a look at the town meetings. It wasn’t the Republicans who disrupted the meetings by shouting from the floor. Let’s see just how civilized your side will be now that you control the town.