On any given day, and often all in the same day, you may find Aviah Cohen Pierson taking time to volunteer as treasurer and class mom with the PTAs at Brookside Elementary or Crompond School, working full time as the general counsel and senior director of human relations for the largest ENT and allergy medical practice in America, raising her two daughters to be smart and independent women, or stopping to talk to the diverse people of our town to listen to their stories, fears and concerns. Aviah is tireless, relentless, passionate and caring, and these are the qualities, along with her keen intellect and diverse legal experience, that will make her a fantastic town justice for the town of Yorktown.

Aviah cares deeply about our town. Her Yorktown roots go back for three generations, and she is proud to be raising her family in the community that helped to raise her. From this place of deep compassion and understanding, Aviah sees the challenges that we face, especially with respect to the drug crisis plaguing our youth, and is compelled to act. She believes that the Yorktown court needs to be proactive to find solutions and engage our children before they are faced with the choices and challenges that could lead them down the wrong path.

She sees missed opportunities to strengthen our community that should be taken, such as collaborating with faith-based groups on deterrent and rehabilitation programs. When outreach and prevention aren’t enough, she feels it’s imperative to impose tough consequences on anyone who supplies drugs to our community, sending a strong message that such actions simply will not be tolerated by the Yorktown court.

Aviah’s legal qualifications are indisputable. Before her current position, she served as a court attorney, as a member of the Yorktown Board of Ethics, and as a litigator in state and federal courts, pursuing actions against Fortune 500 companies that defrauded pension fund holders and obtaining multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of her clients. I have personally known Aviah for years, initially as a neighbor and then as a friend, and she is genuine and compassionate. In my opinion, as a lawyer, as a Yorktown resident, and as a mom, Aviah is the right choice for Yorktown.