In her letter to the editor last week (“Murphy Mum on Health Care Costs"), it seems that Mary Jane Kilian has two basic complaints. One, is that the senator’s representative who she spoke to could not give her the answer that she needed. She later writes that it is time for the senator to have a town meeting. A meeting about what? Something that he as a state senator has no control over? I would like to remind people out there is that Senator Murphy is a state senator. If you want to make a complaint about health care costs and availability, why aren’t you bothering your senators in Washington? Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand? Wait, maybe not. Just look at the Affordable Care Act that was conjured up behind closed doors.

She now complains that it took the whole day to drive to Albany. Come on, that drive is less than two hours. Maybe she should have called first or visited the office here in Yorktown on Route 6. We all know why this letter was written. It is about the upcoming election.