On Sept. 29, the Ethics and Transparency Committee of Yorktown Together asked all six candidates for the town board to commit to a 10-point pledge for a more responsive, transparent and ethical town government by Oct. 13.  A link to the full Pledge is available at yorktownbettergovernment.org/town-issues.htm#ethics.

The 10 points are grounded in the fundamentals of good government: Avoiding conflicts of interest between a board member’s official capacity and his or her private affairs, strengthening the town’s ethics law, being open and transparent and seeking public input.

Ilan Gilbert, Vishnu Patel and Alice Roker have committed to honoring the 10 points if elected. Supervisor Michael Grace, Councilman Gregory Bernard and Robert Puff have been silent.

Stephen Filler is a member of the Ethics and Transparency Committee of Yorktown Together.