This year, there should be no doubt in any voter’s mind, regardless of party affiliation, that Michael Grace and Gregory Bernard have earned re-election. Their accomplishments are numerous. They worked to create a huge surplus, reduced the long-term debt by 30 percent, saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with contract renegotiations, kept taxes flat, and obtained millions in grants for road improvements instead of passing this cost onto the Yorktown taxpayer.

They improved conditions for our youth by creating new recreational facilities, worked hard and continue to work to defeat the opioid problem along with the Yorktown Police Department, and enhanced the Yorktown Senior Advisory Committee to prepare for the future as our life expectancy increases. They recognize the contributions seniors make to our community and are working to help them stay in Yorktown—close to family, friends, houses of worship and familiar surroundings.

They have also endeavored to recreate our business centers as shopping habits of our residents evolve and change. They understand the necessity to do this to maintain a healthy business environment that provides needed goods and services, provides employment and safeguards a commercial tax base that offsets the cost of town services to the residential taxpayer.

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Where is the dilemma? Those who seek to replace them have only complaints!  Speak to us about “local” issues. Let’s hear how they would improve the current quality of life of our residents of all ages, how they would do better! Nothing! They continue to speak about issues over which local elected officials have no jurisdiction—no vote! Tell us what you would do for hard-working taxpayers, to improve our roads, plan for the future for seniors and our youth and maintain the viability of a commercial tax base.

Knock off the political rhetoric. Give us the facts… just the facts.