As a 17-year resident of Yorktown Heights, I can truly say I am enamored of our rich set of biking and hiking trails. This is the kind of place I used to seek out for vacations; it’s an ongoing pleasure to be out on such a variety of beautiful trails that are so close to home.

When I learned that the Yorktown Trail Town Committee had received a grant from the Hudson Valley Greenway Conservancy to build a 0.4 mile piece of the Mohansic Trailway, and thereby connect up trails in the east and west of it, it seemed to me that the hardest part had been accomplished already. The town board wholeheartedly supported the grant application, the money was granted, and the volunteers were at the ready.

I understand that the missing piece is getting the wetland permit so that construction can begin. The town was in full support of the grant application, so it should not be an issue now to grant the permit. If something has changed, let’s get it out in the open and solve the issues.

Thanks for listening. Let’s get this job done.