YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Born and raised in the Bronx, George Zadrima has lived in Yorktown for the past eight years. But as much as he loves the community, when it came to food shopping, he couldn’t help but feel that something was missing.

“We know there are a lot of European people in Yorktown, from Albanians to Greeks to Irish and Italians,” he said. “My wife and I are of Albanian descent ourselves, and every time we wanted to find European food, we had to go down to the Bronx. So we decided to open up a store up here.”

That store is the newly opened G&G Euro Market & Cafe, a cozy little spot tucked away along Crompond Road. Inside, a vast array of meats, cheeses and snacks from across Europe are on display.

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“We wanted to serve the community. That’s why we have a lot of different Italian and Turkish and Greek and Irish foods. We serve all different foods from all over Europe.”

Once they’ve finished shopping, customers can then settle down and relax in the market’s bustling coffee bar, where the smells of freshly brewed coffee and pastries intertwine.

G&G Euro Market is located at 2013 Crompond Road, next to Yorktown Pizza & Pasta.

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