YORKTOWN, N.Y. - The Lakeland Central School District is trying to evict gaggles of geese who have gotten too comfortable calling Lakeland schools their home.

At the Jan. 19 school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. George Stone said the district will soon hire a company that specializes in getting geese to fly away for good. These companies, Stone said, typically use dogs to scare and pester the geese into leaving.

“They have to at first come almost every day with the dogs until the geese realize the dogs are going to be there every day and, supposedly, the geese are trained not to come back,” Stone said. “It’s a serious problem. We need to deal with it.”

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Because of the large gatherings of geese, students have been unable to take advantage of unseasonably warm weather and play outside. The problem is greatest at Lincoln Titus Elementary School, Stone said.

“Most of the time, these companies cut off for the winter, but it’s been so warm and nice weather, our students could get outside if the geese weren’t there,” Stone said. “I think we should start dealing with them now. We should have one lined up next week to get started.”