I want to congratulate Supervisor Ilan Gilbert for having not only the concern for the future of Yorktown’s business development but having the foresight to establish the Economic and Business Revitalization Committee (EBRC). The EBRC is a group of people with various business backgrounds and the skills necessary to do serious long-term planning.

Recently, the EBRC returned to town hall to follow-up on their proposals to the Town Board first made in February. The response by the five Town Board members was an overwhelming endorsement of these proposals. It’s refreshing to see that the supervisor’s idea has turned into more than just an idea. It’s become a well thought out, educated set of recommendations by a team of experts.

The recommendations include attracting a hotel to Yorktown, bringing on board an expert at procuring grants for the town, establishing an image or brand for the town, enhancing the existing early review process to facilitate new business development and capitalize on Yorktown’s farms and farming history to the benefit of other businesses and activities. All of the recommendations of the EBRC were accepted with some small tweaks and they include the full support of the Small Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Once again, I’d like to thank Supervisor Gilbert for taking action and for moving the town forward in a practical, thoughtful and inclusive manner. It is through this kind of leadership that the Yorktown community can and will shine.