You can’t drive by Yorktown Town Hall without running head long into an ever growing Disneyland-sized construction site, which may be a couple of former politicians’ ultimate legacy.

These former public servants’ private ambition with their personal property is on display and may demonstrate more about themselves than anything they might have said during a political campaign. This near-completed skeleton of this gigantic building appears to be built on a foundation of concrete, variances and tax abatements. It appears that the building plans have mutated and, for now, at least one additional multi-storied structure not previously approved will be built on other portions of this quickly shrinking lot. That’s problematic because the original building by itself is too big and the lot too small to accommodate the needed parking spots necessitating the granting of a variance authorizing a shortage of nearly 30 parking spots.

What kind of bureaucratic “hocus pocus” will be performed to conjure up a couple dozen additional required parking spots for this new building as well as other expected future construction in a lot already totally maxed out of parking spaces?