YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Residents petitioned the town of Yorktown to take ownership of Sunrise Street in the hopes that the town can better maintain it.

With the exception of the 400-foot stretch of road in question, the town already owns three quarters of the road, which hosts 24 residences. Traveling northbound toward Granite Springs Road, Sunrise Street branches off and the road narrows. The road is paved until then, but this last leg of the street is covered in asphalt millings.

Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli said he believes the residents’ main concern is winter maintenance. Should the road get too icy or snowy, it could be difficult for emergency vehicles to get through.

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Having also lived on private streets in Yorktown, Paganelli said, he is sensitive to the difficulties residents can face and does not think it’s an unreasonable request. However, this road is unique in that it is mostly town-owned and a very small portion is a private road.

“To that end, we can’t take over every private road of Yorktown,” he said. “Since we already owned part, this road fell in a very different category.”

According to the most recently amended street naming and property numbering map, there are 35 miles of privately owned roads in Yorktown.

Town Attorney Michael J. McDermott said town officials will visit the road before making any determination. He said Paganelli is ultimately the deciding authority on the matter.