Over the last few weeks I've been hosting a series of meet and greets at locations across town, entitled "next Councilman on your corner." I've had the opportunity to meet many of you, hear your concerns, your dreams, and some of your own visions for what the future of our town may hold. The conversations have been encouraging and optimistic, however, have had very specific objectives you all would like to address.

There were many concerns surrounding protection for small businesses that want to open their doors and compete with big box retailers to eliminate empty store fronts. You want more restaurants and outdoor cafes. There was expressed need to protect our youth against the perils of drugs and destructive behavior, and the creation of a low tax environment where seniors and new families can afford to stay. Many highlighted the need for a renewed investment in our infrastructure (i.e. resurfacing roads, technology, and aging facilities).

In a more personal moment, a young lady and her father on the way into the supermarket asked if she could have more Nutella, something much easier to accomplish and with universal consensus.

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However, the most pressing and obvious answer I received was that people in our community are tired of the partisan politics of yesterday and are aching for cooperation across party lines to reach meaningful progress they can be proud of tomorrow. They are growing weary of the divisive rhetoric that is intentionally brought into our town hall meetings and the conscious impediment posed by the minority opinion trying to make the loudest noise. They want compassionate governing with a softer and more kind tone when addressing the other side of the aisle. People want to feel they belong to a close-knit community in which we drive slower, and look out for one another where despite our differences of opinion, those opinions are welcome without judgment or character assassination.

Above all, my exposure the last few weeks has reinforced the very reason I sought the nomination of my party and will seek your vote in November at the ballot box. My neighbors want a fiscally disciplined voice with a vision for tomorrow. While I am a principled Republican, I will not blindly believe my liberal counterparts don't have good ideas or should be shut out from the conversation. And to be clear, I don't think that's happening now. But, I'd much rather have a (Y) next to name and represent all constituents than to be boxed into a closed-minded set of ideas my opponents will undoubtedly attempt to put me in. To address some of my more liberal neighbors that had me mistaken, I am not Donald Trump.

There's a saying what got us here won't get us there. And while I appreciate the service of those candidates also seeking your support, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the ideas of the past won't bring forth a vision and strategy of the future. I'm running because the town deserves a new, fresh voice that's not tied to establishment politics or legacy governing with preconceived ideas; there's a clear need for the next generation to have a seat at the table. Our campaign wants to champion a future town where our children can afford to come back to after college and find a job and home of their own. Together, we can protect our seniors and vulnerable members of community with both passion and integrity without sacrificing our principles or the need for hard work. Our town can be the desired destination rather than the northern alternative to our southern counterparts. Our town needs bold leadership, not simply years of sitting in town hall or uninspired management without a single legislative accomplishment. 

I look forward to continuing our dialogue in the coming months and the opportunity to present the new, positive message our town needs in such a pivotal time of our history.

May God Bless you and your families.