Editor’s Note: Rob Puff is a Republican candidate for town board.

Transparency (noun) – acting in a way where it is easy to see what actions are performed.

It’s a word that has been tossed around a lot by the Democratic candidates this election cycle with regard to the current majority of elected officials on the town board. I, for one, would agree that transparency in all you do—elections, communication, budgets, etc.—is a critical foundation for any government in an era where even the fact-checkers are getting fact-checked. The confines by which our federal, state and local governments operate must meet minimum standards that provide adequate detail by which any bystander not acclimated to the political system can understand.

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Therefore, it is extremely alarming to any normal (non-political) person, to learn that the entire slate of Democratic candidates failed to file the mandatory financial disclosure forms that are required by state law to ensure a transparent campaign. Even more alarming, this band of career politicians has nearly 40 years of combined time in elected office and still didn’t bother to submit them at all, even if incorrectly.

It tells me either there is a blatant disregard for the rules, or, a blatant disregard to their neighbors in an attempt to hide something because they think themselves above the process.

Our town deserves better than a “do as I say, not as I do” mentality. This latest example, and there is a clear history of similar episodes, beg the question of how transparent these career politicians will be when it comes to the tax dollars we all work hard to earn.