YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Sixth graders presented their original research projects at the fourth annual science showcase held over two nights in March in Lakeland Copper Beech Middle School. 

Parents, students, teachers and administrators spent the evening walking around the crowded rooms while discussing the research with the student scientists.

Students worked in pairs or individually on their presentations.

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"They chose different experiments to perform, gathered materials, analyzed data, graphed results and reached conclusions through research to help better understand the world around us," explained Science Teacher Judy Toledano. 

The experiments displayed the scientific method from all areas of science, including: physics, chemistry, kitchen chemistry, energy, zoology, biology, sports science and a lot of potatoes for electricity.

The various experiments provided parents and other visitors with insights into a wide variety of topics such as the what happens to teeth with too much coffee or cola, which brand of hand sanitizer smell lasts longest, and where bread molds best.

The community also learned about black holes in rusting, Hudson River water, how to grow radish plants and how to make a hamster move in its exercise ball.

"The students themselves learned the importance of sharing scientific research with their peers and the nervous excitement of telling others about their discoveries," Toledano said.

“The science showcase gives students a lifelong memory," she added. One never knows where the science of sixth grade will take a student. Science students of today become the great scientists of tomorrow. What a wonderful future we have to look forward to and LCBMS is helping to pave the way."