YORKTOWN, N.Y. - For those looking to shed dog-eared but otherwise legible books, an incoming “Little Free Library” might be a solution.

Often in the form of small house-shaped boxes mounted on posts, Little Free Libraries are stocked with hand-me-down books that are up for grabs. Similar to the exchange model of leave a penny, take a penny tray, these Little Free Libraries exist to encourage literacy and tighten community relationships.

A local book club asked the town board in January to facilitate the placement of a post in town in honor of a member’s birthday. The board was receptive and said it would assist the process by obtaining the license agreement to place it and will enlist the parks and recreation department to assemble it.

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Little Free Library began in 2009 as a tribute to a Wisconsin man’s mother, a teacher who loved to read, and has since grown into an established non-profit organization that estimates 36,500,000 books are shared annually thanks to its 50,000 little libraries. The libraries are in every state and Canadian province, plus 70 other countries around the world, according to its website.

Little Free Library provides free building instructions, online resources and pre-built library models to those seeking one for their neighborhood or community. Libraries are then registered on the website’s world map. The organization also provides access to books through community partners, but Yorktown book club member Dawn Selnes is confident that her club and Yorktown residents can maintain the box’s supply.

“We have a zillion books between all of us at our book club so we would stock it to start, and then basically people [will] put a book in and take a book out if there is room,” Selnes said.

The Little Free Library will be built later this year near the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center.