YORKTOWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. — Being named All-American is indeed an honor that is a special one to achieve.

What makes that honor even more special to earn is when you and your cousin, who you are very close to, do it at the same time.

That was the case with first cousins, Yorktown junior defenseman Brett Makar and Lakeland/Panas senior attackman Sean Makar, who each were named All-American in boys lacrosse this spring.

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“It really is awesome, I couldn’t be more happy for Sean,” Brett said. “He’s a great player and better person off the field. We support each other, texting each other often before and after our games. When I originally found out about All-American, hearing Sean won as well made it that much better.”

Sean expressed similar sentiments.

“It means a lot winning it with Brett especially because he is so close and we are more like best friends,” Sean said. “Sharing an award like this with my cousin is very important to me.”

During their high school careers, the two have played against each other in football and lacrosse, with the Huskers winning in each sport.

“It really was cool getting to play him in both sports. We’ve talked about playing these games for years at family occasions and having those dreams turn to reality was really special for our family,” Brett said. “We’re both really competitive guys so when we did play each other it was just another game regardless. We’ve talked about the games, no smack talk, just certain plays that happened, all positive stuff.”

Sean enjoyed playing in those contests as well.

“It was pretty weird playing Brett for the first time ever,” Sean said. “It was fun not counting the final score. Lacrosse is always fun especially since we have been playing fiddle sticks together since we were young.”

Those games in their youth helped make the Makars the athletes that they are, games which included Brett’s brother Tyler, a defenseman, who just completed his freshman year playing lacrosse for St. Joseph’s University after earning all-section honors his senior year at Yorktown.

“All of my cousins in my family are very close and I’m very grateful and fortunate to have that,” Brett said. “All of my family lives in Westchester County and always gets together. Growing up playing sports I looked up to my brother, Tyler, and Sean, they were both older than me. We got to play sports with each other often. It was always those two against me, my younger brother Evan and Sean’s younger brother Matthew. I think that made me competitive, always losing to them.”

Sean, who will play lacrosse next year at SUNY Binghamton, agreed that those games indeed stoked the competitive fire in the Makar cousins.

“Playing all those games as kids have brought out the competitiveness between Brett, Tyler and me, as well as my younger brother Matthew and cousin Evan,” Sean said. “I believe it also made us better at lacrosse and football and grew our bond as cousins.”

Neither is surprised at what the other has achieved.

“I always knew Sean would be super successful, no matter what sport he was playing whether it was baseball, basketball football or lacrosse, he was really good,” Brett said. “He always goes hard no matter if it’s in the backyard or on the field.”

Brett, who will play lacrosse in college at the University of Maryland, goes just as hard in whatever he is competing in, sports or otherwise.

“From a young age Brett always hated losing whether it was ping pong, lacrosse, basketball or even video games,” Sean said. “If he lost something was going to be broken. He has a need to win and that has made him a standout athlete and one that will do anything to win.”