In “The Struggle for Humanity,” James Martorano asserts that the struggle for humanity, among other things, is a clash between civilized society and barbarism. Really? Most wars are fought between power-lusting leaders who falsely choose war as the only way to solve their differences.

The Civil War and WWI, for example, were fought among leaders in civilized western nations either against their own people (Civil War) or other neighboring nations (WWI). In civil society, most people just want to be left alone to work hard, raise a family, live in peace and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They unfortunately take for granted that their leaders feel the same way. They don’t.

Mr. Martorano deceptively lists a bunch of terrible historical events: Crusades, Stalin, Hitler, Brexit (what’s wrong with Brexit?) and blames these things on eliminating of free press, scapegoating and nationalistic tendencies. Later on, we are told that Donald Trump’s ascendency to the presidency has all of these same characteristics. I’ll just address one of these deceptions. Lying.

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Donald Trump lied or was misinformed, but let’s say he lied about winning the popular vote. Compare that lie to the lies that have truly caused harm: weapons of mass destruction—thousands of our soldiers died and many times more innocent Iraqis; Benghazi, which has led to the horrible migration of innocent civilians to the U.S. and abroad; Obamacare (you’ll choose your plan and doctor) on its way to bankruptcy. As in the biased liberal press, Mr. Martorano sees the troubles afflicting us only one way and as a result loses all objective perspective.

Setting up Alex Jones as a strawman to take down Donald Trump is another obvious deception in the piece. Ruing populist movements as “resentment of intellectuals,” another. The struggle for humanity should start with a free unbiased press. Thank goodness for the internet, so that opinion pieces like this one aren’t spouting the same old same old liberal view of the world.