I am very upset that this magnificent sculpture, which was donated by Arturo DiModica, has been used by a little-known artist who, by placing her statue of the Fearless Girl in front of the Bull, changed the very nature and spirit of Arturo’s work.

I remember when he left the statue as a gift to a city and country that he loved to lift their spirits at a time of despair, in the 1980s. Just looking at this magnificent piece, a symbol of the strength and determination that is New York and America expressed his wishes and message to us to remember: we are strong, we can do it, we will fight and succeed.

A beautiful gift from an artist who gave it with all his heart. At the time, we needed it to inspire us, that no matter what, we are Americans and New Yorkers, and we will make it.

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It was a beautiful and loving message to us all.

My relatives that come from Italy all wanted to go to see the Bull. They all bought a small model of it to bring home as a symbol of the strength of America and New York.

By placing that statue of the Little Girl, it changed it into something it was never meant to be.

I think that it is an insult to the artist Arturo DiModica, and to the many people and tourists that have come to see the Bull and left with a feeling of the spirit of strength it shares with us all. Not now! Not with that girl statue there. Fearless Girl can be fearless somewhere else.

As Bob Grant used to say, “You have a voice, use it.” I am using mine, and sending this to everyone I know to call, write and complain about this great injustice to an Italian immigrant who came to love America and gave the greatest gift he could, using his talent as a sculptor and his heart in this sculpture.