MOHEGAN LAKE, N.Y. - Mohegan Lake Audi is looking to expand its building onto a neighboring parcel on Route 6/East Main Street.

The luxury car company, which has been operating for decades at 1791 East Main St., has already acquired a modest lot to its west. That commercially zoned parcel, which was once home to a pizzeria, would be home to Audi’s new service area, said Joe Riina of Site Design Consultants.

The 11,300-square-foot expansion is required to meet the standards set by Audi corporate, said Greg Reddington, president of REDCOM Design and Construction, at the June 11 Planning Board meeting.

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“Mohegan Lake Audi is an older building,” said Reddington, adding that the dealership has been retrofitted to meet other demands. “Time has caught up to them, and now they’re required, almost with handcuffs, to upgrade the facility.”

Inside the new area would be 15 service bays, a detail bay and an interior wash area, said attorney Daniel Steinmetz. He said the new use is compliant with the existing zoning.

The expansion would require a special-use permit for automobile sales, Riina said. It would also need a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals for parking spaces, of which there are more proposed than the code allows.

Existing entrances on Route 6 and Lakeland Street would be eliminated, Riina said, leaving only one entrance/exit on both roads. Customers would be encouraged to enter from Route 6, continue through the property, and exit onto Lakeland Street.

Phil Grealy, a traffic consultant with Maser Consulting, said he has met with New York State over the expansion. The state has discussed adaptative traffic signals for the Route 6/Lakeand Street intersection.

“It adapts to the actual situation,” Grealy said. “Rather than just have a timing pattern that’s set for that hour, it will actually adjust.”

The state has asked the Mohegan Lake dealership to provide a crosswalk across Lakeland Street, Grealy said.

Reddington said much of the existing building would remain the same, except for the demolition of the front of the building. That part of the building must be demolished, he said, because of existing columns left over from past renovations.

“We’ll actually take down the front 40 or so feet of the building and replace it in the same place with a similar size, just with different architecture, mostly glass and such,” Reddington said.

The exterior of the building will be remodeled with a metallic finish, which is the “standard Audi color,” Reddington said.

Timothy Mallon, who owns a commercial property at 1821 East Main St., home to Sprint and Niles Floors and Blinds, asked the Planning Board to consider prohibiting delivery trucks from parking in the road.

“It happens all the time,” Mallon said. “I just don’t want to see an accident there. I don’t want to clog up my entrances.”

Steinmetz said he would not object to a requirement that all deliveries be made on site.