I didn’t know that Mr. Feinstein had a degree in either psychology or sociology. He seems to know what was in the mind of the Orlando shooter. Maybe he is a psychic.

All kidding aside, he hasn’t a clue on what is going on in our country. He states that the AK-47 can wipe out 300 hundred people in seconds. Just where does he come up with this? I can tell you, like most liberals, they make things up and expect people to believe what they say. No fact check; just make the statement. I guess he has never heard of Joseph Goebbels. 

Now, as far as amending the Constitution, he is right about that. The Founding Fathers made it difficult to do for a reason—because of people like Mr. Feinstein. Of all the amendments, the second has been the most modified by lawmakers. Modify a constitutional right often enough, you effectively make it not relevant. That is not what the Founding Fathers wanted to happen. He probably thinks that you walk into a gun store and hand the man money and he gives you a gun. More false claims by those who would restrict our gun rights.

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Mr. Feinstein also claims that the Republicans are obstructionists. I think he should look at what the Democrats have just recently voted against. Democrats block Kate’s Law cracking down on sanctuary cities. Those are only two; there are more.

Now, on to the last part of his posting. He claims that it is the Republicans who have been stirring bigots and haters in the kettle for years. Look back at most of the shooters and you will find they are Democrats. Of course, you will find very few Republicans. The Democrat Party has been the haters with the likes of Byrd and Gore. They are the ones that opposed the Civil Rights Act. Do we ever hear anyone praise the Republicans for passing the Civil Rights Act? No. It seems that people like Mr. Feinstein have very selective memories.

In closing, this November, you will have the chance to make America great again. You can elect a man that will NOT put our country down or apologize for things we didn’t do. Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted. When you go to vote, think about the four dead Americans in Benghazi that could have been saved. Think about all the illegal money the Clinton Foundation is taking in each and every day. Electing Hillary will only embolden them. Stay well and God bless.