YORKTOWN, N.Y. - Murphy’s Restaurant in Yorktown has paid off its past-due taxes dating back to 2013, according to town tax receiver Barbara Korsak.

The restaurant, located at 355 Kear St., has paid $146,137.34 in school and town taxes for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, according to Korsak. The restaurant is now up-to-date on its taxes, Korsak said.

State Sen. Terrence Murphy, who was criticized by political opponents in March, is a minority owner of the restaurant.

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“This was an unfortunate situation and I refused to turn my back on my family,” Murphy said. “We have paid the taxes that were overdue with full interest and penalties. Our employees depend on us for their livelihood and countless small business owners throughout the state face similarly difficult circumstances every day. As a business owner, I am sorry that my family was in this situation but it is just another sad, real-world example of what it means for new York to be ranked 49th in the nation when it comes to being a business-friendly state.”

Patrick Murphy, his brother and operator of the restaurant, said, “Like many businesses, our restaurant fell on hard times. This was not something we were proud of but we came together as a family to put us back on solid footing. We appreciate the understanding and support from the community during these difficult months.”

Chandler Bellanca, campaign manager for Ali Boak, his Democratic opponent for the 40th Senate District, said Murphy “cheated the taxpayers for years.”

“Now that he’s been caught, he has finally paid up but it doesn’t change the fact that he did every thing possible to avoid his responsibilities,” Bellanca said. “Terrence Murphy’s violations of the law may not be as extreme as those of his mentor and benefactor Dean Skelos, but this sorry episode clearly shows that he doesn’t have the integrity to represent the hardworking taxpayers who fulfill their responsibilities like adults.”

Murphy and Boak will square off in the Nov. 8 general election.