In a June 29 letter to the editor, David Witkowich questioned my motives for writing letters supporting the Republican leadership in Yorktown without identifying myself as a member of the Republican Committee. If I was writing anything at the behest of the committee or any political figure, Dave would have a valid point. But when I write a letter to the editor, the opinions and observations are my personal viewpoints with zero input or solicitation from anyone.

My perspective comes from being a 35-year resident of Yorktown, active in numerous political, religious, social and community-centric organizations. I have no agenda other than to keep Yorktown the great community where I raised my children and now my grandchildren live. Yorktown is also where my wife and I will continue to call home in our retirement years. I am only an involved citizen of Yorktown who has witnessed what corrosive stagnation can do to a community. I want Yorktown to keep moving forward and will voice my opinion when I see policies that do nothing to benefit all or witness the rude, disrespectful and mischaracterization of the supervisor and the board by impertinent residents who refuse to be civil.

I must be doing something right; they can’t attack my message so they go after the messenger.