YORKTOWN, N.Y. - A new development with nine single-family homes is being proposed for Sherry Drive.

The 9.2-acre property, which willl go by the name Orchard View, is owned by ZappiCo Real Estate Development and would be subdivided into nine separate half-acre lots, Brian Zappi and Brandon Zappi said at last week’s Planning Board meeting. All of the lots would conform to the existing single-family residential zoning, they said.

Brian Zappi, vice president of engineering, said no fill (soil) would be removed or brought onto the site. Instead, the site would be “balanced,” he said. Lots with steep slopes would be evened out using fill from other lots. ZappiCo would also create a new roadway, connecting Sherry Drive to Pine Grove Court, which would be dedicated to the town of Yorktown.

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Brandon Zappi, vice president of marketing, said an earlier plan was more “aggressive” and called for more homes.

“The plan was massaged over time,” he said. “We felt that the nine-lot subdivision was a better layout in terms of sales, in terms of preservation of land and meeting all of the town’s codes...We believe the one we have submitted is very viable.”

Planning Board Chair Rich Fon said screening the development from existing neighborhoods is going to be “key with this project.” Brian Zappi agreed.

“As far as concerns with neighbors, buffering is a big thing that we do,” he said. “We do put up trees in between all of the houses; the existing neighbors.”

Only one member of the public commented on the project at the Planning Board meeting last Monday. Sean Smith, a long-time resident of Sherry Drive and would-be neighbor of the proposed development, said his principal concern is that adding nine houses would dramatically change the character of the neighborhood.

“I’ve lived there for 26 years and it’s a very nice, quiet street,” Smith said. “We have some young kids who have moved into this street in the last two or three years. It’s a very friendly street. We have a nice block party every year. By increasing the number of households by 30 or 40 or 50 percent, I think it would completely change the nature of Sherry Drive.”

Smith said he is also concerned with the construction. ZappiCo has already built and designed one of the nine homes in Orchard View, located at 2425 Sherry Drive.

“When they built this home...there was a lot of truck traffic on that road,” Smith said. “To build nine homes, I think, would be very traumatic for the neighborhood, for an extended period of time.”

Fon said increased traffic to the neighborhood is just a “reality with construction.”

Another possible issue with the development, Smith said, is that water comes up through the ground at points on his property and comes through the pavement on Sherry Drive. Brian Zappi said his company’s studies did not reveal an issue with groundwater.

Brian Zappi added that he has scheduled a meeting with the Department of Environmental Protection to discuss storm water management, wetlands and other environmental issues.

“That’s all being worked on right now,” he said.

The developer is also proposing to connect Orchard View with the Hunterbrook Sewer District and the Peekskill Sanitary Sewer District. The night after the Planning Board meeting, the Town Board unanimously requested that Westchester County approve the sewer connections.

Fon said those with additional questions, like Smith, should “stay tuned.”

“This is the very beginning of the process,” he said.