Editor’s Note: This letter is in response to the proposed redevelopment of Murphy’s Restaurant. The plan includes the construction of a bank.

Stop the madness already. Yorktown does not need another bank. Banks pay high rents, I get it, but they do not add anything to a community. They only take. And by the way, in this day and age, most of us do our banking online. How many people need to go into a bank to get change of a $20?

Where is a vision for this town? We need business that brings people to the downtown area. Business that people will want to come to in the middle of the day or in the evening. I keep asking myself why do I have to go to Peekskill, Mahopac or Mount Kisco to find interesting and different restaurants? Why don’t we have a walkable center of town? We have the space.

I have a good idea: Why not another pizzeria or nail salon?