YORKTOWN, N.Y. - As family, friends and colleagues looked on with pride, Robert Noble was officially promoted to chief of the Yorktown Police Department during a Sept. 6 ceremony at Town Hall.

Exiting chief Daniel McMahon was at the ceremony and introduced the new chief, who joined the Yorktown Police Department in 1994. McMahon said Yorktown is in good hands, citing Noble’s many accomplishments with the police department and the town’s athletic clubs, as well as his other community service endeavors over the years. 

“I have worked with Bob for 22 years,” McMahon said. “Bob is honest, decisive, empathetic, accountable, confident, optimistic, focused and, utmost, loyal. This is why I chose Lt. Noble to be my second in command and that is why I know that Robert Noble will be an excellent chief of police for the town of Yorktown.”

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After being sworn in, Noble, a long-time Yorktown resident, received a lengthy ovation from the standing-room crowd. He was joined at the ceremony by his wife, Eleana; his three children, Amanda, Bobby and Meghan; and his parents.

“This is just an amazing, amazing town,” Noble said. “I’m a lucky man to be working here. I’m a lucky man as I stand before you as your chief of police. I’ll always be humble and never forget this night. Thank you all for making it so special for me.”

Noble, who said he plans on continuing to focus on the heroin epidemic and protecting the elderly against scams, took several minutes to address the “anti-cop rhetoric,” which he said has “ratcheted up” in the last 12 to18 months.

“I wish that every private citizen would go through a simulated police training and feel the adrenaline, fear, anxiety of making a split-second life or death decision that police officers are often faced with making,” Noble said. “Residents of Yorktown should know we have an outstanding, and I mean outstanding, police force.”

Noble, however, said his department receives mostly support from the Yorktown community. From sports and arts to parades and festivals, Noble said Yorktown is a “special place to raise a family.”

“There’s something for everybody in this town should they want to get involved,” he said. “This town is just a great, great place, and for anybody who knocks it, you got some problems inside.”

Also appointed to a new position was Sgt. Julianne Vicinanza, who has been a member of the Yorktown Police Department since 1996. She was promoted to administrative sergeant of the detective division. During her time in Yorktown she has worked in the patrol division, as Lakeland Copper Beach Middle School’s resource officer and as a sexual abuse and domestic violence and child abuse investigator. As a newly promoted sergeant in 2011, she was instrumental in a surveillance operation after discovering an ATM skimming device at a local bank. The operation resulted in the arrest of a group involved in identity theft. 

“She does a great job day in and day out,” Noble said. “She works hard, puts everything into it and the people in this town are very well served by Sgt. Vicinanza.”

Vicinanza thanked the Yorktown Police Department, McMahon and Noble.

“I’m looking forward to working with the extraordinary investigators that we currently have at [Yorktown Police Department],” she said. “This is a new chapter in my very satisfying career at the [Yorktown Police Department] and I am truly grateful for the opportunity.”

Det. Sgt. James Graham was appointed to Noble’s former position of operations lieutenant. Graham, born and raised in Yorktown, joined the police department in 1992. He has worked in the patrol division, as a field training officer and a general topics instructor, and was one of the first responders at Ground Zero. He was assigned to administrative sergeant detective in 2011. He was also a coach for the Yorktown Athletic Club.

“He’s a guy I watched and learned from,” Noble said. “He’s an arrest guy, always making arrests out there. He’s a hustler, a hard worker and that’s gotten him to where he is today.”

Noble added that he “ran the detective division like a champ” and that when Graham is in charge, “You know it’s being handled right and the work is getting done.”

Graham thanked the Town Board for its continual support of the Yorktown Police Department.

“I look forward to working with all the men and women of the Yorkton Police Department,” Graham said. “The entire staff is fantastic. We’re very fortunate to live and work in a town like Yorktown.”

Supervisor Michael Grace concluded the ceremony and said Town Board believes Yorktown is extremely well-served by its police department,

“We’re in great hands,” he said.