Boo-hoo. Mr. Bazzo had to pay for a dog park that he does not use. Well, I have had to pay school taxes for schools that I have never used year after year after year—a little more costly than a dog park.

Why are you lumping all dog owners into one category? Not all dog owners cared if there was a dog park or not. Not all dog owners want to use the dog park. In this crazy world, I am happy for those who wanted it and use it. It is their choice; not yours, not mine.  

What drives me insane are outrageous comments. I have been walking my dog at the track twice a day for more than eight years. I have never seen dogs urinate on the benches or all over the field, nor have I ever (even in the heat of summer) smelled the odor of dog urine. A little rain or snow and it is gone, whether it is dog urine, geese urine, seagull urine or any other animal that my urinates all over the field. There are so many other comments I can make, but I am tired.

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I enjoy walking my dog, Laci, who is part of my family. Contrary to what some may believe that a dog or a cat is not part of the family, Laci is part of my family. The track is close to my home and a good place to exercise both my dog and myself.

One more note: Mr. Romanski of the YYSC would rather see dogs take their business elsewhere as was stated in a previous article. “I am an insurance broker. I should not have to pick up dog poop on Saturday and Sunday mornings unless the town wants to pay me.” I guess it is all right with Mr. Romanski if our dog poops as long as he gets paid. I envision him with a little pail and shovel walking around the field picking up all the poop he can find. Are you asking the town to pay you by the pound or by the pail full? I wouldn’t quit your day job if I were you.

In conclusion, I will see all you responsible dog walkers at the track.