This was submitted in response to “YHS Should Do More Than Apologize,” a Letter to the Editor written by Barbara Pose.

After reading Barbara Pose’s Letter to the Editor and re-reading the keynote address from Dr. George Yancopoulos, it seems to me that he has a much better grasp on what is going on in our country than her. It certainly was informative and enlightening and, what’s more, something they probably never discussed in the Yorktown High School.

We certainly know more about the Black Lives Matter movement than we know about COVID-19. Maybe if Barbara actually looked into the Black Lives Matter movement, she would understand what the Dr. Yancopoulos was trying to explain. I would ask this: Do you believe that the Black Lives Matter is really helping our society?

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He “bullied” those who didn’t agree? Why? Because he dared challenge some rude person who would not allow him to speak? The actions by some, when it comes to free speech on either grade-school campuses and college campuses, is out of hand. If you dare to bring a conservative thought to the forum you are run off or shouted down. Even worse, your appearance is canceled. People like Barbara are the ones who want to stifle free and open speech. There was no hate in his presentation. There were facts that some did not like to hear and might have hurt their feelings.

Barbara Pose states that Dr. Yancopoulos made inaccurate statements in regard to police killing Black people. Well, she is wrong. [].

Now what is “this non-verbal message needs to be corrected.” Was there a subliminal message transmitted that I missed? In her closing, she states, “Apologizing for ‘any’ hurt suggests the hurt might be too sensitive rather than that the speech was wrong.” What? There was nothing wrong with the commencement speech other than it did “hurt” some people’s ideas on what is going on in our society. The “young adults” have been dealt a lesson in reality; something our public schools have no way of teaching, it seems. An example is a former student, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I will leave you with that.

My two children graduated from the Yorktown School District and were taught to respect our country and even how our government functions.