To the editor,

In his letter to the editor on Nov. 30, Supervisor-elect Ilan Gilbert again repeated his campaign rhetoric promising, “Meetings of the Yorktown Town Board will be conducted in an orderly and sober manner, with dignity and courtesy extended to all.” Well, this is refreshing to hear since he and his supporters have been nothing but rude and obstructionist in the past. If you attended the Town Board meetings, you would have witnessed the disrespectful manner in which the supervisor and board were treated by sanctimonious Democrats fueled by a desire to halt any progress in Yorktown and push a left-leaning agenda.

Well, the public has spoken and the Democrats have the majority on the board. Maybe they’ll surprise me and not be the tax-and-spend, anti-business crowd they’d been in the past. Mr. Gilbert, during his campaign, never gave specifics about how he would govern the town, except to say he’s not Grace or Trump. But I know one way he can succeed: Continue the programs that Michael Grace instituted. Hold the line on taxes, keep the long-term debt in check, support the highway superintendent and the projects in the pipeline and control the desire to expand the budget. Basically, remember it’s the people’s money.

Continue the progress and I hope you succeed. If you follow the left-wing of your party dragging the town backward, I can only hope you fail. Only time will tell.