Councilman Tom Diana, in a letter to the editor that appeared last week (“Dems Shamefully Politicize Opioid Crisis”), attacks the Democratic slate of candidates, and me in kind, with politicizing the work done by the Heroin Task Force in Yorktown in an op-ed piece that we wrote the week before (in another newspaper).

I will quote exactly what was said on the subject in that piece. “We are concerned like all parents in Yorktown with the drug crisis which has caused death and suffering and deserves even more attention than ever before. Many people are doing great things in this fight but given it is still an epidemic, more must be done.” End quote.

How dare you interpret that statement as political. As a wedge. As despicable. As a lie. As crude. As cruel. As cold-hearted and unbecoming of an elected official or candidate.

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Mr. Diana, I think the reverse is true and I am disappointed in you for your comments and your politicization of this issue. I think we will let the people of Yorktown decide who is using this serious and dire subject as a political football.

Yes, I have a dog in this fight. My son’s 2009 class, and Yorktown, have lost nine beautiful souls to date and we continue to lose more every year to this scourge. I’m outraged by your comments and I hope others are, too.

Ilan Gilbert is the Democratic candidate for town board.