I am writing on behalf of the Yorktown Trail Town Committee to thank Yorktown’s Highway Superintendent, Dave Paganelli, for installing our “Welcome to Yorktown” signs along the North County Trail in Railroad Park in Yorktown Heights. The two professionally-designed signs were donated by the Trailside Café and by the Trail Town Committee along with the Yorktown Land Trust. The signs are just one way that we’re informing trail users about Yorktown Heights businesses, to help support a local and sustainable economy.

Not only did Dave install the signs, he also went out of his way to help make sure that our sign launch and installation went as smoothly as possible. Dave was a problem solver on many fronts, even after managing a 2 a.m. highway emergency the night before our launch on June 4.

Yorktown is fortunate to have a public servant who is so responsive to special requests like this. Thank you, Dave.

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If you’d like to learn more about Yorktown Trail Town Committee, visit us online at yorktowntrailtown.org.

Mark Linehan is co-chair of the Yorktown Trail Town Committee.