Photos: Lakeland High School Graduation


WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. - The Lakeland High School Class of 2017 graduated Saturday, June 24, at the Westchester County Center in White Plains.

‘We all have aspirations, but my message to you, Lakeland High School, is to dream big, because the world isn’t getting smaller and we need as many hard-working intellectuals to bring it back to its feet. Class of 2017, find your path in life, make mistakes, take risks—do whatever you need to do to find your purpose. Today, we are high school graduates. Tomorrow, we will be something bigger.’
–Salutatorian Ashley Jimenez
Lakeland High School

‘Know the difference between getting something done and completing something with pride. You will never regret going the extra mile. Get wrapped up in moments, not a Netflix series. Big games and friend hangouts cannot be paused and resumed whenever we please.’
–Valedictorian Kathryn Schore
Lakeland High School

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All photos by Deena Bell

Lakeland High School Class of 2017


  • Elly Acosta
  • Evan Adorno
  • John Aglietti
  • Heba Ahmed
  • Muhammad Ahmed
  • Sahar Alam
  • Kevin Allan
  • Leonardo Arenas
  • Jackelyn Arias
  • Arjana Aruci
  • Amber Badillo
  • Brianna Banscher
  • Isaiah Beach
  • Anthony Bellantoni
  • Danny Bermeo
  • Raymond Bernat
  • Taylor Berta
  • Catriona Bobker
  • Colin Bonesso
  • Robert Boyle
  • Liliana Braun
  • Matthew Brignolo
  • Loren Brink
  • Brendan Byrnes
  • Sally Camara
  • Anthony Cappello
  • Alexa Caputi
  • Kevin Cardenas
  • Caitlyn Cashman
  • Austin Cassese
  • Anthony Castellano
  • Giovanni Cellamare
  • Sage Cervini
  • Samantha Ciringione
  • Devyn Clifford
  • Tyler Clynes
  • Maura Coakley
  • Nancy Cobban
  • Gianna Cocciolillo
  • Jordyn Coitino
  • Raphael Colella
  • Michael Coletti
  • Taryn Comis
  • Nicole Conforti
  • Patrick Conlan
  • Briana Corns
  • Cali Cortese
  • Louis Costanzo
  • Kevin Croce
  • Steven Cumbal
  • Thomas Cuomo
  • Elizabeth Davis
  • Dominick Dean
  • Selvija Dedushaj
  • Brittany DeFreitas
  • Daniel DeLayo
  • Brianna DelMauro
  • Isabelle DeMatteis
  • Sahib Devgun
  • Brandon DiDomenico
  • Julian Dimaranan
  • Coral DiMichele
  • Ashley DiPaolo
  • Josephine DiSisto
  • Carmela Dolgetta
  • Jack Dondero
  • Joseph Economico
  • Nicholas Estrella
  • Angelica Everett
  • Meghan Fahey
  • Timothy Fallo
  • Brian Farole
  • Robert Fava
  • Jordan Fein
  • Eric Fitzgerald
  • Nicholas Foci
  • Mary Fon
  • Angelique Fonseca
  • Tierra Francis
  • Andrew Garces    
  • Oscar Garcia
  • Victoria Garofalo
  • Sabrina Gencarelli
  • Daniel George
  • Mohamed Gewida
  • Tara Gilson
  • Kathryn Godoy
  • William Goehl
  • Michael Gonzalez
  • Skyla Gori
  • Christy Graff
  • Daniela Grajeda
  • Joshua Green
  • Alison Grossman
  • Casey Grosso
  • Spencer Gustavson
  • Gerardo Guzman
  • Kadri Haluci
  • Elyse Hames
  • Diego Hamilton
  • Kyle Harrison
  • Alyssa Haughney
  • Alexander Heald
  • Katelyn Heinrich
  • Vivian Hernandez
  • Emily Hopkins
  • James Houlahan
  • Devonte Hudson
  • Andrea Hufnagel
  • Michael Hullstrung
  • Stephanie Hurwitz
  • Robert Hutton
  • Francesco Iaconis
  • Frank Ieppariello
  • Juliana Iral
  • Ethan Jalca
  • Ashley Jimenez
  • David Kale
  • Matthew Kness
  • Olivia Knopf
  • Juliana Kocovic
  • Julia Kopec
  • Margaret Kruse
  • Zoie Lagoudis
  • Tyler Lederer
  • Alexandra Lefkowitz
  • Mia Lennon
  • Matthew Lewin
  • Hector Lima
  • Cameron Lischinsky
  • Jenna Lomax
  • Jake Lopes
  • Jonathan Lopez
  • Michael Lukashin
  • Nicholas Lukashin
  • Alexandre Lupetin
  • Christopher Lynch
  • Gregory Mack
  • Matthew Majdanski
  • Sean Makar
  • Brandon Makkay
  • Dean Maniscalco
  • Madison Manzari
  • Kassie Marino
  • Maggie McCarthy
  • Brooke McDermott
  • Kyle McDonald
  • Christopher McGovern
  • Ophelia Mendoza
  • Jadeen Mercado
  • Matthew Mikulski
  • Lacey Milano
  • Joseph Molinari
  • Alyssa Monte
  • Kevin Moore
  • Patrick Morelli
  • Giulia Morello
  • Brandon Moss
  • Thomas Mucci
  • Brendan Murtagh
  • Tara Naraghi
  • Laura Nardelli
  • Lirika Ndrecaj
  • Alexander Nicolo
  • Ariana Nicolo
  • Evan Nikolic
  • Robert Noble
  • Kyle Norbeck
  • John O’Connor
  • Dean Olivier
  • Emmanuelle Oriol
  • Nicole Orlowski
  • Joan Pagliaroli
  • Stefano Paparella
  • Nicole Pemberton
  • Tano Perez
  • Brendan Perkins
  • Devyn Perrotta
  • Edward Peteli
  • Bryan Petriccione
  • Alexander Piedra
  • Valerie Potenza
  • Matias Prando
  • Julianna Prato
  • Alyssa Priore
  • Mustafa Raja
  • Sabrina Ramos
  • Carly Rankin
  • Luke Rapaport
  • Korbin Reed
  • Amelia Rimmer
  • Justin A. Rivera
  • Justin W. Rivera
  • Christina Rizzotto
  • Marisa Rogers
  • Jenmy Romero
  • William Roselle
  • Brandon Rosen
  • Luka Rudovic
  • Daniel Salazar
  • Nicholas Sanchez
  • Jarod Sangalli
  • Gabrielle Sansone
  • Kathryn Schore
  • Giuseppe Sclafani
  • Thomas Senerchia
  • Steven Serrano
  • Christopher Servedio
  • Robert Shannon
  • Richard Shaw
  • Griffin Shiland
  • Randy Singh
  • Caitlin Soravilla
  • Emily Spahrmann
  • Eric Spahrmann
  • Kristen Spedaliere
  • Jenna Spillo
  • Brandon Stephenson
  • Rowena Sullivan
  • Jake Sussman
  • Lauren Sustic
  • Bradley Sutton
  • Erica Tapia
  • Gina Tedesco
  • Kyle Theall
  • Drew Thompson
  • John Tomaselli
  • Lochlann Tompkins
  • Fintan Treanor
  • Jason Triglianos
  • Noah Trungold
  • Matthew Tuite
  • Brandon Vellozzi
  • Christian Vellozzi
  • Victoria Venturini
  • Krista Verrino
  • Luke Vitabile
  • Colleen Walsh
  • Rieley Walsh
  • Julia Wanamaker
  • Maya Webb
  • Emily Weinbaum
  • Emily Weinborg
  • Shannon Welch
  • Christopher Werni
  • Coral Whitmore
  • Joseph Zecca
  • Matthew Zivan

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