In an article from the May 1 issue (“Yorktown Councilmembers Receive ‘Disturbing’ Postcards”), Councilman Ed Lachterman said he was “disturbed” to receive a colored postcard from a constituent. He seems confused as to what it might mean.

I did not write that rainbow-colored postcard, but I can try to help him out of his confusion, because I and plenty of other constituents have written to him lately. We wrote to tell him how we dislike his wasting the board’s time with anti-immigration resolutions. Is Mr. Lachterman confused about the fact that the town of Yorktown has zero power or authority over immigration laws or their enforcement? Does it occur to Mr. Lachterman that his constituents might not appreciate his campaign to make-believe that we do? If he really wants to do something about immigration, he ought to run for Congress.

As far as I can tell, Councilman Lachterman’s anti-immigration activity is merely party politics, a story that goes back a year to the election campaign. Realizing that town voters distrusted then-Supervisor Michael Grace, and desperate to change the subject from Mr. Grace’s obnoxious and unethical behavior, the town GOP began howling about the evils of immigration. They steamrollered a bombastic anti-immigration resolution through the Town Board and followed up with campaign mail sneering at immigrants. When this insult to the voters’ intelligence failed to change voters’ minds, the town GOP evidently decided their best bet was to prevent their constituents from voting at all. They tried to close a polling place at the last minute with no notice to voters—the dirtiest of dirty tricks. This scheme was quickly thrown out in court.

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Mr. Lachterman seems not to have learned the lesson of the election. It is not the job of Yorktown’s Town Board to make immigration policy. As the postcard in your story says, this resolution is a waste of town resources. It is just one more effort by the Yorktown GOP to distract and frighten those who are not paying close attention to our town’s real issues.

Mr. Lachterman does not appear to know his job and does not seem to want to hear from his constituents. I suggest he do some learning and listening, or else at the next election he is bound to receive the same judgment the voters gave his colleagues Mr. Grace and Mr. Bernard.

I hope every one of his constituents who feels this way will write him and tell him about it.