As we reevaluate law enforcement’s role in society, we need leaders who will take a pragmatic approach. We need leaders who understand that the men and women who serve as police officers provide an invaluable service. We need leaders that understand no matter how good we are, we can always be better. We need leaders like state Sen. Pete Harckham.

Sen. Harckham has made public safety one of his top priorities. He works closely with local police chiefs, as well as rank and file officers, and has awarded over $500,000 in law enforcement/public safety grants to municipalities and law enforcement agencies throughout his district.  Sen. Harckham believes in community policing and understands that a strong relationship between law enforcement and the public fosters a safer environment for all of us. Perhaps most importantly, Sen. Harckham recognizes that we should never stop striving to improve our institutions, including policing. That is why, next year, one of his top priorities will be to ensure police officers receive funding for continued training on racial equality.

The alternative? Rob Astorino? As Westchester’s county executive, Astorino twice tried to eliminate the Department of Emergency Services, an agency vital to public safety. He wants to repeal common-sense bipartisan legislation that would stop dangerous domestic abusers from getting guns. He has accepted thousands of dollars in campaign donations from the NRA and put their agenda ahead of our community’s safety. He even vetoed legislation that would have banned gun shows on county-owned property.

When it comes to a commonsense approach to public safety, the 40th Senate District has only one choice—re-elect Sen. Pete Harckham.