YORKTOWN, N.Y.-One evening, Larry Berliner and his wife, Susan, were out for dinner when they encountered the most unusual waitress.

“She was constantly running from table to table and getting absolutely nothing done,” Berliner recalled. “She kept asking weird questions and looking over her shoulder. And when the time came to finally serve, she messed that up, as well. People were leaving their tables in droves. She was impossible to communicate with. My wife said, ‘You’ve got to write this one down.’ ”

Berliner took his wife’s words to heart and started jotting down his humorous takes on everyday life and the lessons he’s learned after more than 30 years of teaching middle school English in the Bronx. The end result: “You Can’t Be Serious: An Inner-City Teacher A-Muses About School and Life,” which was released in October by SRB Books, his wife’s publishing company.

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Even during his years as a teacher, Berliner was a writer at his core.

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