I spoke against the proposed law Solar Law on Tuesday, July 9, because the migratory and local bird population is in danger from large commercial solar farms and that the environmental and alternative energy groups cover up and downplay the death rate due to the “lake effect” of birds crashing into the panels.

At the hearing, I was going to address the cost factor but because of the late hour and the previous speaker, a young lady, who was in tears repeating the mantra that we are 10 years away from Armageddon and other hyperbolic climate change fear factors. I didn’t want to wind her and the others up by injecting facts into the discussion.

Some facts not in dispute regarding solar and wind power is that these energy suppliers make up about 5 percent of the world’s energy. Even France, Netherlands, Germany and California need up to 85 percent fossil fuel and or nuclear energy to maintain the living standard. Solar and wind power is weak and unreliable with limited battery storage when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Wind has additional health issues regarding human hearing and bird deaths.

Manufacturing solar panels uses a tremendous amount of energy and creates tremendous pollution. Each solar/wind dependent municipality needs alternative sources of power such as nuclear and coal. Yorktown should reject any large-scale commercial solar farms. Clearcutting wooded areas and killing wildlife is not “Progress with Preservation,” which is the town’s motto. America leads the way in environmental retooling. I hope Yorktown doesn’t fall for the hype and realizes that much of this climate change hysteria is a business plan to make money.