YORKTOWN, N.Y. – Three brothers from the Bronx are helping to bring some “pride and morale” to the Yorktown Police Department headquarters by painting three inspiring murals.

The murals depict an American flag, a Yorktown Police Department logo, and a Yorktown Police Department Shield accompanied by the phrase: “In our family, no one fights alone.” The final mural is dedicated to former Police Officer Lauren Raczynsky, who recently retired after a series of devastating medical conditions.

Completing the murals on a volunteer basis are the Rose Brothers: Bobby Rose, Calvin Rose and Everett Whitley. For two decades, the brothers have been painting similar murals, freehand, for countless police organizations, including the NYPD, Yonkers and Ossining.

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“It’s a very welcome addition, and thankfully these guys are gracious enough to do it for us.” —Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble

Their foray into police murals began in 1997, when Calvin Rose and Whitley were working as freelance sign painters for a lumber yard in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. A highway patrol officer, seeing their work, approached the brothers, and asked if they could paint a logo at the Hunts Point headquarters.

Bobby Rose had put down the paintbrush three years earlier and was in the process of writing a book. He decided, however, to join his brothers for this job because of its intricate details.

“When we arrived at the parking lot and sized up the project I immediately knew we could not charge a fee for painting this emblem,” said Bobby Rose, adding that he already had a “keen affinity” for police officers. “This first project set the precedent for all others that followed. Besides, I felt that cops deserved this small gesture of appreciation.”

Bobby Rose said the praise from the officers after completing the job got his “adrenaline flowing” and he hasn’t stopped painting since.

“I swore I’d never pick up a paintbrush again, and that was in 1994,” Bobby Rose said. “Now I enjoy it. I enjoy this so much, if we didn’t have to go to sleep at night, 24 hours a day we’d do it.”

Yorktown Police Chief Robert Noble said the police department building was “looking a little worn” and in need of an overhaul. Having heard about the Rose Brothers, Sgt. Paul Dillon reached out and asked if they could do something in Yorktown.

“It’s a very welcome addition, and thankfully these guys are gracious enough to do it for us,” Noble said.