Your article “Court Clears Yorktown of Wrongdoing Over Tree Law” is as usual stilted against any action taken by a concerned Yorktown resident, Susan Siegel. In the article, you include the view of town attorney, Michael McDermott, that “this latest court dismissal of [Susan] Siegel’s challenge to a town board action is yet another example that Siegel is intent on wasting taxpayers’ money with frivolous behavior and conduct.”

On the contrary. Susan Siegel, former town supervisor, continues to keep the community apprised of actions our town board takes that are in conflict with current laws/procedures. Although the board is cleared of wrongdoing, your article implies that mitigating the current law is excusable, such as closing the meeting and then changing and/or amending a version of the current law. If the town board followed procedures, Susan would not have to “waste the taxpayers’ money with frivolous behavior and conduct.” To be fair, it’s the town board’s own actions that continue to waste taxpayer money by having to defend themselves from frivolous behavior and conduct. Simply do what’s right and the board would not have to come up with excuses like “it’s just a procedural error.”