Matt Slater is a first-time candidate running for Yorktown supervisor but is no stranger to government. Matt has spent more than a decade in public service working for the New York State Senate, New York State Assembly and Westchester County.

He has helped to write and pass legislation that has had a real impact, not just on our community, but communities across New York State. He was a driving force behind the New York State Senate’s Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, which produced some of the most comprehensive legislation in the nation. This included ending 30-day prescriptions for painkillers for acute pain, forcing the insurance companies to cover those in recovery and expanding proper pain management education to prescribing doctors. These milestones don’t just fall out of the sky but require an incredible amount of work to properly execute.

Matt Slater has already proven his ability to bring people together, people of different political parties, religions, ethnicities and backgrounds, from all over New York State, resulting in major legislation. There is no doubt, here in Yorktown, he will be able to do the same.

Matt Slater brings a lot to the table, from his energy and outstanding work ethic to a clear vision for our future, but the one thing that we cannot overlook is his experience.