I have lived in this town for decades and have watched elected officials come and go. Yorktown has been blessed to have some great leaders, from both parties, emerge from our community.

This year, Matt Slater is running for Yorktown supervisor. He will bring an incredible combination of education (masters of public administration), more than a decade of governmental experience, charisma and vision to our local government that will propel our community to new heights.

He has put forth several policy proposals focused on our local environment and improving our quality of life. Matt’s middle of the road, common sense approach, is a refreshing breeze in a time when partisan smog prevents government on all levels from functioning for the people.

Yorktown has a chance to elect a real leader, who has a vested interest in the future of our town, and has the integrity we can count on. Matt Slater continues to impress those who meet him and I urge my neighbors, both old and new, to pay attention to his positive message of how he intends to improve our community.