I read last week’s front page headline, “Ocasio-Cortez puts Yorktown on the map.” After reading the glowing endorsement, I thought to myself, after reading her political platform, you would have thought she had grown up in Venezuela, Cuba or some other socialist country.

My two children grew up in the Bronx and then we moved to Yorktown, much like her family. My children graduated from the Yorktown High School also. I know they were never taught that socialism was better than capitalism in school. I would like to know where she learned that? She has lived most of her life here in Yorktown. This is not the Bronx, far from it.

She claims that a ZIP code determines how successful a person will be. Well, I grew up in the same ZIP code, 10462 Parkchester in the Bronx. I also moved because of the poor public school education my children were facing, just like her family did. The one thing that really bothers me is that she hasn’t stopped to think what caused that educational system to fail. It was in part because of the policies of the progressive liberals that were in charge. There is very little difference between a progressive liberal and a socialist Democrat.

The last thing I find funny is the statement made by Jose Alvarado that, “Her story is unique, inspiring and historical.” Really? I would expect someone with a degree in economics and international relations to actually have a job. Maybe by working in the real world for a while, she might have a different take on the whole thing. You know, like how things are paid for. Socialism does not work. She thinks it does. I do hope she wakes up from her dream before it is too late.