Supervisor Michael Grace has misconstrued my comments about Yorktown’s inflated fund balance. I did not express displeasure with the recent audit report—quite the contrary—I am happy that the audit said the town is in good fiscal shape. My point, in light of that pleasure, was that more could have been done over recent years to alleviate negative quality-of-life issues. Proactive planning and budgeting would result in lower costs for projects and give residents better services and infrastructure on a consistent basis rather than playing catch-up.

Wouldn’t you rather have good roads every year than once every six years? Wouldn’t you like integral infrastructure such as bridges to be maintained and safe all the time rather than just after they are closed for months or years due to safety issues and then fixed? Emergency repairs and catch-up maintenance cost more—plain and simple.

Consistent and prudent maintenance of our infrastructure provides us with a quality of life we deserve and should expect. Would the fiscal soundness of the town be less if the fund balance was $3 million less? I think not. The roads and bridges would be safer.

Elliot Krowe is co-chair of the Yorktown Democratic Committee.