YORKTOWN, N.Y. – After spending years in neutral, JCM Racing is gearing up to build its 5,000-square-foot motorsports company on Front Street.

First proposed in August 2015, the shop received conditional approval from the planning board in May 2016. Having now satisfied all those conditions, including concerns over lighting and landscaping, all that’s left to do is cross some t’s and dot some i’s before getting shovels in the ground.

Once planning board Chair Rich Fon signs off on the site plan, JCM Racing will be able to obtain a building permit, said John Tegeder, town planning director.

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“They don’t have the plan signed yet. That’s going to happen in the next few days,” Tegeder told Yorktown News last week.

JCM, which stands for John Cerbone Motorsports, is owned by Yorktown residents John and Pattie Cerbone. Having commuted 25 to 50 miles to work for about 30 years, John Cerbone, who has lived in Yorktown for a decade, said he is excited about relocating near his home. His current shop on City Island in the Bronx will close once the Yorktown shop is built, he said.

JCM, which Cerbone started about 20 years ago, primarily builds custom engines and racecars from the ground up in “any way, any fashion and any shape,” he said.

Cerbone’s race teams, two of which will operate out of the Yorktown shop, compete in drag and stock car races sanctioned by nationally recognized racing organizations, such as the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association).

“Typically they do probably 26 cars a year, varying from complete car builds to portions of cars as well as for their own NHRA  racing team that will be supported out of this building,” engineer Dan Ciarcia explained at a public informational hearing last year.

In a telephone interview last Thursday, Cerbone said he planned on applying for a building permit at the beginning of this week. The actual construction of the building will take longer than usual, he said, because summer is his company’s busiest time, though he hopes to reach the finish line before the winter.

The property is located in an I-2 Industrial Zone, which allows for manufacturing uses.

Deputy Supervisor Gregory Bernard lauded the project as a “positive thing” for Yorktown. He said the lifting of the sewer moratorium contributed to the development of the project.

At his State of the Town address last month, Supervisor Michael Grace, a self-described “motorhead,” said was “dying” to cut the ribbon on JCM Racing.

“I’m thrilled because it’s symbolic of a lot of years, work of trying to attract business in town,” Grace told Yorktown News. “It’s going to be the first new development [because] of the lifting of the sewer moratorium.”

He added, “I think it’s a great little thing to have. A great kind of esoteric business to have in town.”